Copyright agreement and exemption statement

Copyright Agreement

By agreeing to the copyright agreement when ordering in the online shop, the customer confirms that he is in possession of the necessary copyrights for the reproduction of the film, image, sound / data material and, for example, that Owns the right to mechanical reproduction. He guarantees that all copyright fees and licensing costs incurred will be paid to the competent authorities and deinScheibe GmbH, in no way Is claimed. Furthermore, Kande holds yourScheibe GmbH harmless and harmless in every direction, in particular for all claims by third parties, including claims by copyright or ancillary copyright companies or relevant organizations as well as any legal and court costs arising from an alleged or actual violation of such rights

Warranty and indemnification declaration

By agreeing to the warranty and indemnification declaration when ordering in the online shop, the customer guarantees and stands vis-à-vis deinScheibe GmbH, also referred to below as "yourScheibe", as well as those associated with you Company for the fact that he is fully authorized to complete this production order with your disk; in particular has all necessary copyrights, usage and / or exploitation rights for this and through the Placing the order via the online shop or the reproduction by your window will not infringe any rights of third parties. The candidate alone is fully liable for any infringement of any third party rights. In case oneClaiming your disc or the company affiliated with it as a result of such a violation of third-party rights, the client undertakes, your disc and the company affiliated with it to the full extent of such Exempt third party claims due to such a violation of the law and reimburse your window in particular for the costs of legal prosecution. "Third party rights" within the meaning of the preceding sentences are also those in particular Rights that collecting societies, such as B. is transferred to GEMA and regardless of the form in which it is presented. This declaration of warranty and indemnification also applies to all future ones between your window Agreements and production orders concluded with the customer, even if they are not referred to in each individual case or they are attached to these production orders. It also applies retrospectively for customers who have previously opposed deinScheibe have not yet issued any warranty or indemnity declarations at the time of the first production order. The customer is aware that a delivery ofWorks can only be carried out with a delivery permit (former exemption agreement) from GEMA. This also applies to paid and produced orders. All other copyright issues should be clarified directly with GEMA in Munichwill:

Reproduction rights abroad VR / A

GEMA General Directorate Rosenheimer Str. 11 81667 Munich Tel .: 089-48003-800 Fax: 089-48003-300 Email: The direct beneficiary within the meaning of Section 328 of the German Civil Code (BGB) of this declaration of warranty and indemnification is also the company formusical performance and mechanical reproduction rights ("GEMA"). This declaration is subject to the law of the Band Republic of Germany.