About Us

deineScheibe is your online DVD / CD reproduction service. Wir reproduce, print and package for you with quality!
We love music, musicians, bands and everything else!
The brand deineScheibe was founded in early 2009, but our printing company already exists since 1957.

Everything started with the printing of letterheads. We later produced instruction leaflets for nameable pharmacy companies. Since 1990 we print CD and DVD booklets for music publishers in the cologne area. Our customers always valued high quality printing and this has not yet changed. Because of several customer request we also started to expand our product line and now also reproduce recording and data mediums.

Because today there is hardly any more high volume demand for CD and DVD reproduction, we have focused since 2009 on small edition cd reproduction. We mainly support musicians, startup audio book publishers or complete bands.

Starting from 200 pieces, we can already offer you attractive prices and a high quality CD/DVD reproduction which includes: Printing in silk screen or offset printing method. Theoretically we are also able to start reproduction at 1 piece, however this would have the same price as 200 piece, but at the end of the day we will not liwith your quality standards.

Below 200 pieces we can offer you duplication and printing in digital printing method or inkjet printing method. This is a great value for small productions or pilot project.
Of course we will continue to reproduce CDs / DVDs in numbers of over one million pieces and more. If you cant find what you are looking for we are always happy to receive your product inquiry.

Staff of the pre-print stage
Our pre-print stage is happy to answer all your printing questions.

Our Vision / Goals:

We want to reproduce a CD / DVD for every musician and band! We want to be your contact person for all things about band life. Starting from professional reproduced CDs/DVDs, to groupies and guitar-ignitation, up to record contract negotiation. So, if you want to develop your first CD / DVD you can always needle us with your questions.
Stay tuned, your deineScheibe team! :-)

deineScheibe Team ready for production
Machine park and warehouse of deineScheibe